Counter Die Putty™ - 2 lb Box

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Eliminates Mixing of Two-Part Epoxies
Easy To Use One-Step Process
Perfect Counters Every under Four Minutes

Engraving Innovations has created a new composite for making thin embossing counter dies in a quick, one-step process. There is no mixing or waiting required. Simply form a ball of Counter Die Putty™, place in the center of the die being used to create a counter die, press sanded counter board on top of putty, cover with Release Film and close press.  In just three minutes your counter die is ready to be trimmed and sent to your customer or pressroom.  Follow the simple directions below to make perfect counter dies that will stand up to the toughest press conditions.

Demonstration Video:


  1. Preheat press to 290 ̊ - 310 ̊ F (138 ̊ -149 ̊ C)

  2. Clean all dirt and oil from the die

  3. Spray die thoroughly with Engraving Innovations release spray or a good, high quality mold

    release. Take care to ensure there is no pooling of release in deep recesses of the engraved die.

    (If applying a wet release, use a fine bristle brush to spread release on to all surfaces and side walls of die)

  4. Wear rubber gloves and form a 1” ball of Counter Die PuttyTM for a 4”x5” die

  5. Place Putty in the center of the die

  6. Press a piece of counter board on to the ball of putty with the sanded side facing the die

  7. Cover the counter board with a sheet of Release Film to protect the press platen

  8. Place the die and counter board on a layer of Release Film in the center of the bottom platen of

    the press.

  9. Close press using pressure up to 25,000 psi

  10. Bake in heated press for 3 minutes

  11. Remove die and counter from press – Cool for 5 minutes – Separate counter from die

    The counter is now ready to be trimmed to size and milled if deeper relief is required.

Note: We suggest using bearer bars with our Counter Die Putty to maintain a tight tolerance across the counter. For example, a 0.250” Embossing Die coupled with our 0.030” Counter Board and 0.290” Bearer Bars will create a perfect 0.040” counter.

Store Counter Die Putty™ at or below 75 ̊F (25 ̊C).
Do not store next to a heated press.
Counter Die Putty™ may be frozen for prolonged storage. Use in an area with adequate ventilation.
Keep bag sealed when not in use.