Fume Stop™ for Magnesium Etching Baths - 35 lb Pail

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Fume Stop™ is used to control the fumes from nitric acid in magnesium etching baths.  Fume Stop™ does not alter the performance of the etching process while greatly reducing the dangerous fumes.  The fine white crystals dissolve quickly and completely in the etch batch. 

Fume Stop™ is completely degradable and will not form deposits in the bath.



  1. Weigh out one (1) pound of Fume Stop™ for each 100 liters of bath volume. 
  2. Pour directly into mixed bath.  Add only in the recommended volume.
  3. Replenish 1/2 ounce Fume Stop™ for each ounce of magnesium etched.


  • For Industrial Use Only
  • Avoid Skin Contact
  • Avoid Breathing Dust
  • Avoid Eye Contact
  • Avoid Ingestion